City of Helsinki Bootstrap 3 Theme

City of Helsinki Bootstrap theme. Beta



Install or add Bootstrap sass theme to your application

npm install hel-bootstrap-3

NOTE: This probably fails on most enviroments as the sass files can not find each other or their dependencies. So importing individual files recommended for now:

Use customised

Import the sass files in this order. Customise the theme for your application and exclude the Bootstrap components you are not using.

@import helsinki-variables;

@import application-variables; // Copy and edit this file to customise your app theme

@import theme-bootstrap-variables;

@import bootstrap;

@import theme-custom-styles;


_helsinki-variables.scss : Helsinki UI and Brand specific variables. Do not use these directly in your app styles!

_application-variables.scss : App specific setup. Copy and modify to customise your app's look using Helsinki brand variables or your own brand.

_theme-bootstrap-variables.scss : Bootstrap variables with theme modifications

_theme-custom-styles.scss : Bootstrap overrides that can not be achieved only through variables

Bootstrap components

In your application make use of standard Bootstrap 3 components as much as possible.

More information about Bootstrap-sass here and the use of Bootstrap components here

Compatible with React-Bootstrap components.